2017-2019 recap and new release date, AND support for Oculus Rift!!

I want to make this update as short as possible. I originally created this page to host the Demo files that I made for PAX Prime in 2017. Since then I assumed no one had found this page while I quietly toiled away. Only recently did I hear that people were finding this page instead of the Steam store page, and looked to discover that the demo had been downloaded 330+ times!!! I recently took down the demo because it hasn't been a an accurate representation of the final version of Plunker for a long time. I'm wrapping up some small bits and I'm releasing on Itch, and Steam in March! for both the Vive and the Rift! The only thing I cannot support until I get my own for testing will be the knuckle controllers. Keep your ears perked as well for the PSVR release that I'll be looking into this spring. I'm basically posting this so that you know I'm in the process of updating my Itch page and my website.

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