Demo Almost Ready

Hey all, just updating for the first time. I prefer to update in several other places that are more accesible and much more widely viewed that my page so far. I'm going to  try to stay on top of the devlog here as well as auggodoggogames instagram, and my discord. Anyway I thought this would be a great time to just say Woo! I made it! We made it! The demo is essentially complete for Plunker, and we're going to take it to PAX to show it off for an hour or two at the Game Jolt afterparty with their express permission. I'm excited and also completely drained after drilling away at the bugs and new features that i've wanted to get done for this presentation. Not only is the demo almost complete, but it's got new amazing minigames in it way ahead of schedule. I've setup the website and I'm going to upload a playable demo this weekend to this page. I'll also get a trailer up asap for the website so I can point people to it. Alongside all of that, I also purchased AuggoDoggoGames.comand A lot of cool stuff happening this week, and I hope the rest of it all goes smooth. For anyone reading this, thanks for taking the time and I hope you enjoy the demo!

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